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Financial planning should always be about strategy, not product.  Financial products are simply the means to an end, and should never be seen as the key to financial success.

For many years I h­ave worked as a problem solver, and an adviser.  It is what I do.  I started working in accounting and auditing, moved into business process improvement, and spent several years working as a management consultant for leading firms who understood that they were in the “advice” business.  They had no physical products to sell – they just had highly skilled people who knew how to work with their clients to solve complex problems.

­“Consilium” is a Latin word meaning advice, plan, counsel, purpose.  When I chose a business name I wanted it to reflect my focus on providing personalised advice and guidance, free from any product bias.

I have chosen to license with Capstone Financial Planning , a privately-owned licensee with no in-house financial products.  Capstone provides me with access to the best available investment/product research and the Compliance/monitoring services that ASIC demand.  They do this free of any product bias so my clients can be confident that I am acting in their best interest, and their best interest alone.

And so Consilium Private Wealth was born.

  • Privately owned business,
  • Adviser with 20+ years providing professional guidance to businesses and individuals,
  • Independently owned AFS licensee,
  • Access to the best products and research in the market,
  • A passion for providing clear solutions to complex problems, and helping people find a path to a better future, and
  • Deep relationships with clients who value having a trusted financial adviser to work with on an ongoing basis.

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